I, Madhu Aggarwal, have been the Principal of DRAG Vikas Kendra for the past six years from July1, 2014 till now.

Professional Experience :
In 1997, I shifted to Maharashtra and worked as Head Mistress in a Montessori school, C.R.P.F., Mudkhed, for three years. After that I got married and took a break from work. In 2002, I rejoined as a teacher in same school. In 2013, I did some courses to update myself and joined 'Vertex' (an English language school). Alongside I did a one year diploma in Computer Science from 'S-tech'.

Educational qualifications :
In 2002, I completed my graduation (B.A.Pass) and started pursuing M.A. 2nd year English Hons. In 2000, I did NTT from Montessori Baalwadi Prashikshan Kendra, Nanded, Maharashtra.

Personal experience with DRAG :
I got the opportunity to join DRAG as Principal after completing my language course in 2014. It was a completely different experience to work for an NGO as principal. The post had many responsibilities. I faced many challenges while working for DRAG, such as dealing with a range of people especially foreigners, whom I had never encountered before. That was my first experience. I met Patricia Montalto, with whom I have a very satisfying relationship. At DRAG I received a lot of practical experience and learnt to work in a team and co-ordinate with everyone.

The most challenging phase of my work at DRAG has been during the onslaught of the Corona virus. During this period I had to coordinate with each and everyone ‘virtually’, for which nobody was prepared. I had to train not only myself but also the staff. Now the teachers from Class 1 onwards are imparting knowledge and doing craft activities very successfully with the students.

My aim :
To educate more and more students so that each child can have a bright future. For that I feel that the involvement of parents is mandatory as in so doing their own awareness of education and possibilities increases.

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