Farming Techniques

Large areas of land in the rural area lie uncultivated. Much of it is wasteland. DRAG bought a plot of such land in Manger village in Haryana to reclaim it The objective was to show that such land could be made productive. When growing crops on it by various dry land farming techniques proved financially unrewarding, DRAG went in for tree farming. Fuel wood, fodder and fruit trees have been grown on the two acre plot which was secured by the turn of the century. By 2002 the first saplings were planted on it.

Now it is a flourishing patch of green in an otherwise denuded landscape. Apart from trees it has a vegetable patch that meets the needs of a family of five. Since this is a Gujjar village dependent on animal husbandry, the fodder trees meets the need of cattle and goats they own. The extra fuelwood can be and is often shared with villagers.

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