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Nature Award

In 2014, DRAG won the nature award for its contribution to the alleviation of the environment. Gautam received it on behalf of the NGO in a packed auditorium at the India International Centre, Delhi.

In his speech Gautam stated : For biodiversity to survive it is imperative that our strategy remains non intrusive. DRAG’s intervention has taken that perspective seriously. Respect for nature is respect for the traditions and customs of the people we work with.

Then he went on to describe DRAG’s efforts to conserve the environment in two rural pockets
1. One is located in the tribal belt of Maharashtra.
2. The other among the nomadic herders settled in a village located in the Aravalli range, Haryana.

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Timeline of DRAG India

  • 1988 to 1993

    The tribal belt of Pen Taluka, Maharashtra

  • 1993 to around 2000

    Work on the ridge and the Kusumpur Pahari slum located on the Vasant Vihar portion of the Ridge of South Delhi.

  • From 2000 onwards

    Work on the organic farm in Haryana and the School and Women’s Centre in West Delhi.

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