Robin Woodhead

Chairman of Sotheby International

This is heartbreaking yet so impressive. What Gautam has taken on in the face of so much... active opposition, inherited ignorance, the sad laziness of the uneducated, the lack of vision, and the human condition which seems so often to lead to greed above all else. And still he has gone on. And made a difference. Ultimately we are subsumed into the physicality of the universe but along the way it is possible to change people's lives for the better. And if it is just one individual, it is worth the effort.

Megha Saigal


They say the future depends on what you do today.
DRAG is the perfect example of this, they have built an organisation that works towards a better tomorrow with things like their rural education system and womens’ skills Centre. DRAG’s upliftment of society has brought about small but remarkable dents resounding across the globe.
Organisations like DRAG are what we need in today’s time.

Bindu Chawla

Prof. of Education (NY)

Love the school , the kids are so well behaved and focused for their age its most unusual. The work of the teachers reflects on the concentrated attention of the kids to learn and be motivated.
It's a great job being done for children free of any charges --and a fantastic philanthropic and thoughtful gesture by Gautam Vohra towards giving a literate mind in early childhood and young children.
Some vocational training is amazing since these people will learn to earn a living thru it . Very implementable strategy for them to incorporate in their daily lives.
As for early childhood education it has a lifelong impact on these children as this learning is the foundation which they carry into adulthood to become successful and productive citizens.

Significant contributions have been made to DRAG by Justine Hardy, UK, and Patricia Montalto, Switzerland.
They have directly worked on the project sites as well as written books on our NGO.

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