Born in Yorkshire England. Educated there till nine years old.

Studied the piano with the world famous piano teacher Fanny Waterman. Performed on stage from the age of Five.

At nine left for London. Went to Heathfield School Ascot till I was seventeen. Won Royal Academy prizes for dance and Drama.Completed O and A levels.

At seventeen left England and joined the Accademia di Belle Arte and painted and learnt restoration of frescos in Florence Italy for two years.

Two years later returned to London. I first worked as a model fir Vogue magazine and the Royal milliner. I also advertised for the world press ‘You only live Twice’ the latest Bond film.

Then I worked as archivist for Punch Magazine, organising the weekly work of the cartoonists. Writing mini articles for the magazine on current affairs. At the same time I had a weekly column on Euro Mail ,a weekly section of the Daily Mail ‘,Art as an Investment. ‘

In 1973 married artist /Craftsmen David Maude Roxby Montalto Duke of Fragnito. Moved to Geneva, 1974 had a Son.Daniel.

Worked in Geneva for The Tribune de Genève interviewing film producers abd Swiss film makers.

Inherited The Palazzo Ducale, Fragneto Monforte Italy where till working in India 14years ago. I organized Opera events, Art events, Art tours for friends of the Auction houses Christie’s and Sotheby’s

Writers conferences for NIAF (THE NATIONAL ITALIAN AMERICAN FOUNDATION), Italian authors of International

Fame gathered for literary seminars. Gore Vidal was a part of this group that came from all over America to discuss their Italian roots, discuss their books and visit the areas of their forefathers. Love 1976 gave birth to a daughter Alexandra. We moved continuously between England Switzerland and Italy.

Travelled extensively especially between India and Pakistan fourteen years ago decided to take up voluntary work and lived in the BAAS trust school for two years in Haryana. India.

There I created theatre productions in English and fused them with Indian Stories.

Twelve years ago I met Gautam Vohra and decided that DRAG was more challenging. At the DRAG school I have done varied programs of Art, Poetry, Drama and Music. At the DRAG women’s centre, many innovative ways of making dresses and jewelry with Eco - friendly materials. The DRAG farm when in Delhi visit once a week. I have written four booklets. Recording the various activities. Videos the fashion shows and children’s performances.

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